Time For Some Self Care

Lately I’ve been bombarded with anxiety, unwanted thoughts, on-coming depression, freaking out about health issues and what feels like 50-million other things. That’s what having anxiety and depression can feel like.
I need to continue to sleep less (yeah, I’ve sucked at it since the police report)
I need to be doing cleaning – laundry, vacuuming, and to hit the disaster room! All which I have no energy for.
I need to get my health under control. This means eating healthy while being a very picky eater who has never met the balance between one eating disorder to another. I’m not getting any younger and it scares me because I could die.
I also feel like God is punishing me for some angry thoughts/wishes I had as a teenager.
I feel like I’m falling apart.
This is the real me. I’m being open with you about my current struggles.
And it’s another month until I go on my annual trip to the Porcupine Mountains and to see the Lake Superior.
I’ve got to do something today – right now – to help with my mood.
Whether that means –
taking a walk to clear my head
taking a relaxing bath and putting on some lotion and lighting some candles
reading a good book, or watching a relaxing show
staying off social media for a bit
eating something
taking my medication
That’s a good start for me to focus on. Self care. Self care. Self care.
I hope maybe some of my ideas can help others too!
Be sure to be extra kind to yourself? too!
I’m still becoming Katie Butterfly.
You’ve just caught me at an off time!

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