Thankful November – Week 3

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVE!!!! I wanted to take the time on this week’s Thankful post to take more time to express my gratitude! (I’ve been slacking because my attitude has been, well, bad!)

  • 15. The Family Center. I’m so thankful for .The advocates there and the amazingly supportive people in my group.
  • 16. My twitter friends. Thank you to those who have supported me through the past few months. You are amazing.
  • 17. My therapist who has put up with me the last 12 years – I am so glad to have your support!
  • 18. Books. I’m so thankful to have great books to bury my head in!
  • 19. My dear friend MA – who has supported me the past several years.
  • 20. That I get to see my brother and his wife!
  • 21. I’m thankful for my blog followers.

Yes, even through this dark time, I am so incredibly thankful! I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my followers!!!

And just a reminder to those who are struggling with depression or other mental illnesses… It’s OK to not feel happy or thankful. It’s OK just to feel how you are feeling. It’s OK!

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