How Meeting Jenn Bostic Changed My Life

Music. I love music and it has been a major part of my healing journey. Songs and lyrics have a way of touching my heart in ways that other things just can’t.

I met Jenn Bostic several years back when I attended a local concert that supported my job.

Her music and her personality just really touched me. I’ve seen her several times as she has come through the area and her music has a way of reaching whatever emotions are going on in my life.

I saw she was in the area again last night. I was feeling tired, stressed and worn out but decided to go anyway because I knew an evening of her music was just what my soul needed. And indeed it was. Her new music really hit home to me on my current journey as well as her older stuff. I’m going through a medication decrease and so I’m experiencing emotions in a whole new light and wow. I was touched like never before.

Thank you Jenn for your friendship through the years and for reaching me through your music. As I heal from various traumas’ your music has really helped. Music in general has always been healing but knowing your personally gives it a whole new touch.

If you want to check out Jenn’s music by visiting her website here: Jenn Bostic Website



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