I Feel Like Superwoman



You are seen as such a great and wonderful man. They have not seen the other side to you. Behind the public eye, you are a danger to others. You are a monster. You can take all the hard work one has done the past 10 years and nearly destroy it in only 3 years. You can take one’s self esteem and shatter it. You hide under your psychology degree, play the “friend” and the “helper” and instead of helping, you destroy, you hurt and you demand some form of payment for the “work” you do.

I gave you three years of my life, millions of hours of my time and effort, and I let you into my life after being hurt like no other. You knew ALL this and what did you do? You used it all against me and nearly shattered me, almost killed me.
Well, this is what I have to say.

You don’t get to win. I’ve taken my life back. I know the controlling monster you are. I also know I don’t need to be afraid of you. I don’t need to worry about running into you. You can’t hurt me anymore. I took that power away from you when I walked away. I have never wanted to look back. My life is so much better. I’m so free and I have a better understanding now.

It may hurt seeing you get all the praise you do, but deep down inside, I know the person you really are, and I know some day the rest of the world will too.
My eyes are wide open now. And I thank you for teaching me the most important lessons of all. Wolves really do hide in sheep’s clothing. I know I’m prone to manipulating monsters like you, but there are things I can do to protect myself and I’m much stronger than I EVER thought I was. I survived the aftermath of being sexual assaulted, having my virginity stolen from me, and then you came along, and TOOK everything else from me.

But, I realized if I can survive all this, gosh-darn-it I must be SUPERWOMAN! I can not only survive, but I can thrive.

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