Paradise in Minocqua 

My hubby and I went to a local tourist town for our belated honeymoon.

It was no Hawaii but it was definitely paradise. The best part was being with my best friend and just having fun!

The first day we went to this cool little park. It was right on the water, had a beach area, a cool little shop to order food and a play area. Me being the big kid I am had fun swinging at the playground!

This was for National Best Friend Day!
The Second Day we went to this amazing zoo! We got to feed the Bears, birds and giraffes as well as pet some of the animals. We loved it so much we went back again!

We ate at Paul Bunyan’s. Never seen so much food in my life!

It was just a great experience for us. Helped me realize why we fell in love in the first place.

We are very blessed!

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