Church Camp 2022

Hello to my followers! I thought it was time I updated!

Last month I was able to go away to church camp for the week. Things at my job have been crazy so a week long vacation to my heaven-on-earth was much needed!

It was so wonderful to spend time with my family and bonus family as well as seeing other friends I hadn’t seen in ages!

I thought I’d share a few of the most memorable moments!

Every year there is a 5k run/walk. I’d never done it because it starts at 7:30 in the morning and hello!!! I don’t like getting up in the morning if I don’t have to. However, last year I made a deal with my bonus mom that I would do it with her!

Race completed!

So… I did. And it was pretty awesome! I’m planning on doing it again next year!!

Another cool experience… I’m terrified of snakes. Like absolutely terrified. A few years ago I wanted to be brave enough to put a snake around my neck… however… this is as far as I got!

Throwback picture

This time around I was determined to face the fear and go a step further… I ended up holding one of the snakes but still wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to put around my neck!

Holding it!

But… then I did. Long enough for someone to take a picture and then it was like… get this thing off! I’m so proud of myself. And for continuing my fearlessness journey!

I did it!

Those are the main two experiences I wanted to share!

Stay Fearless, Katie Butterfly!

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