My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is now upon us and I want to share my top 5 favorite Christmas movies with you!

  1. Home Alone 1 & 2 – This movie used to play every Thanksgiving night when I was a kid and became a family tradition (I can still hear my dad in the background “oh I hate that kid!”) Yes, Kevin was a bratty kid. Yet, I could relate to him. He was misunderstood and he acted up because he felt invisible to his family. Besides being able to relate to Kevin, the Wet Bandit scenes can makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve scene it.

  2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Another one from my childhood that can always make me laugh! It’s definitely another old school movie but a good one all the same!!

  3. The Santa Con – in recent years I’ve discovered Melissa Joan Hart and I love her as an actress.

  4. A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride – as a lifelong fan of the TV show Reba, I also became a fan of Joanna Garcia and this movie is definitely worth watching!

  5. Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever – Grumpy Cat anything can crack me up and this movie definitely does it for me!!

Whether it’s an all-hilarious movie or just a feel-good type one, I’m a sucker for Christmas movies!!!

How about you? What are your top 5 Christmas movies?

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