“Wherever You Go, There You Are”

“Wherever you go, there you are” is something my mom quoted often in my life growing up. I used to laugh at how ridiculous it sounded until I realized what it meant and how it could be applied to my life.
As I was going into my teen years, my mental health issues decided to join in on all that teenage angst fun. And, oh what a blast we had.
I was so miserable and I blamed all my problems on everything and everyone around me. I did this well into my early twenties. I never stopped to think that maybe some of my problems were up to me to change, to fix, to work on.
At age 21 I hit rock bottom but it was also the year I truly started to change my life around.
I started working on me, changing the way I viewed the world and decided to make a life for myself.
The past 9 years have not been easy by any means. But, I’ve gone to great strides to process things and move forward.
I surprise myself every day by how much I’ve changed.
I decided that if “wherever I go, there I am” then I want to be the best person I can be. Struggles and triumphs.

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