Speak Out: Tamryn’s Story

“Who has ever felt that they weren’t good enough?That they just felt ugly and unworthy?

That no matter what they can’t shake those feelings of it being so easy to see why other people like themselves they are actually pretty and I am the utter opposite?
If you said yes to any of these then you share that in common with me. I hope my story can encourage and bring hope that you can break free of those self defeating lies you are believing
I think from around age 12 or so I started to struggle with self worth, self esteem and who I was as a person. I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin and would often day dream about having legs that didn’t resemble a chickens and a body shape that didn’t have to SO accurately look like a ruler. I felt like I was never good enough, never pretty and simply unwanted.

I was that girl that really struggled to accept compliments ( I’m sure I’m not alone in this ) I found it almost uncomfortable hearing people say something nice about me. I would naturally assume they must have ulterior motives because who would just be nice for no reason right ? Like WHO does that
As I grew up that sense of self worth never quite caught up with me and I was often left feeling ugly, to skinny, unappealing and overlooked and mixed in with growing feelings of disgust, self hate and rejection.If anyone else has ever felt like that you’d know that is truly awful place to be in. You feel like everyone is just that much better ,that much prettier , popular and desirable while your over here in the corner feeling like smeagol. It wasn’t a great season of life and it wasn’t one I would wish on anyone. But the good news is that seasons change and thankfully mine did too.
Things begun to shift for me at about age 21 after years of feeling ugly I had really had enough. I knew that it came down to me to change what I was telling myself after all I was the one listening! Little by little and a few years later with professional help, friends family and my faith I really begin to heal especially in the area of how I saw myself. It was the sweetest feeling of being able to finally let go and know that I didn’t have to carry that junk around I could hold my head high knowing that I AM good enough, beautiful and worth loving

It’s been an amazing journey and it’s been worth every tear as I now get to use my deepest struggles and turn it into my greatest passion. Don’t get me wrong I still have my down days but they are by far more manageable now then before !

This is why I am so incredibly passionate about worth and self image because nobody deserves to feel they have none ever! And ladies I had none zero nada but I can stand here today confident in my self and my worth.

My desire for woman to know their worth and value no matter what they have been through or where they are in life has been a huge focus for me. It helped me start in late 2015 start my project

The idea for Hello Lovely was a practical way that I could use my own struggles with self worth and identity and find a way to help and encourage others to discover their own unique and amazing qualities. My hope for Hello Lovely is that over time woman wouldn’t have to buy into the lies that get thrown at them via the media and society every day because little by little they would build themselves up one compliment at a time with a foundation of complete truth knowing their worth,value and significance.


The Hello Lovely Project



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