Star So Bright – A Christmas Poem

I wrote this back in high school and I wanted to share it with my followers. Christmas can be such a hard time of year for me because of grief. This poem is based off of one of those years.

Star So Bright

By: Katie Butterfly

A star so bright
Sending me it’s light
It’s so far away
I want to catch it today
I want to sing
Let the sound ring
I’m full of delight
Looking at its sight
It’s a cold December night
Everything about it is just right
I hear a train in the distance
It’s putting me in a trance
I hear the music play
It has a lot to say
The wordless song
Has a message so long
It’s a Christmas lullaby
Coming down from the sky
Makes me shiver everywhere
But, I’m not cold or scared
It’s a mystical feeling
The hatred is peeling
I love this star
It erases the scar
The pain haunting my dreams
Is suddenly gone, it seems
This is very tragic
It must be magic
A star so bright
Sending me it’s light
It’s not so far away
I caught it’s light today


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