SVU Fandom and Toxicity

The SVU Fandom on Twitter…The one place I used to go to relate to people on common grounds and the first place I opened up about my own sexual assault has slowly gotten worse. But, I can no longer deny what a toxic place it is as a whole.
The constant hate, belittling and just plain bullying that goes on is just too much. The fight over Mariska’s attention. The arguments and fandom policing on what is and isn’t acceptable.
Sexual assault and its recovery is damn messy and there is no perfect answer. You deal how you deal.
The Joyful Heart Foundation is a wonderful place. But ask yourself this… Are you only advocating for it because your idol does? If you truly care, get off Twitter, go find a local shelter/center and see how you can actually make a difference. Be the change. Don’t talk the talk but walk the walk.
It kills me to have to say goodbye to something that once meant so much to me. But, for my own well being I must.
I’m doing the best I can to keep my head above water and be the best person I can…
Goodbye SVU Fandom, thank you for the good memories and all the lessons you have taught me!

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  1. I think this is to do with all the changes and moving forward.
    I still watch the reruns of that show. I think Olivia it was great. I watch it but there are triggers and sometimes I can’t watch the whole episode

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