We Need Less Technology & More Human Contact 

In a world that is almost fully driven by technology, we are lacking the best companionship of all —human face-to-face contact.

I’m guilty of having my phone attached to me 24/7, posting useless stuff to my social media accounts. I also like my DVDs, Netflix and Lifetime movies more than I should.

I find myself doing all these things instead of what I should be doing. Things like studying my bible, talking with the Lord about what’s going on my life, spending valuable time with my hubby and kitty cats. Or actually spending time with my friends and family instead of checking my phone constantly. All this valuable FaceTime (no not the apple version of talking via phones) but actual face to face conversations!)

Once a year I go on a camping trip with my parents where there is basically no technology. I have an amazing time and feel so empowered and refreshed. What if I could feel like that more than once a year?

I know it will be hard to break that habit but, I want to start spending more quality time with my friends and loved ones… I need to get my priorities straight. My phone messages and social media junk will be there when I get back.

I’m not sure what journey I’m going to be taking with this. But, I realize I have a problem and I want to work on being a better me. It’s all about Becoming Katie Butterfly.

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