Why I created this blog

Becoming Katie Butterfly

I have struggled with mental health issues and sexual assault in my life. It once held be back, even almost killed me, but like a butterfly I have come out of the darkness and into a beautiful life! I have found my voice and it’s so beautiful. I have so much to say.

So why am I doing this blog?

I first started it as a personal healing place for me to make sense of what happened to me and how I could become Katie Butterfly. And, in doing so I found my voice and want to be a place for others to be able to own their story, use their voice and become (insert name) Butterfly, too!

Who do I have in mind for readers and those who want to share their stories and experiences?

You. If things I write inspire you and move your heart, then this is for you. Whatever your story is, it is just that, YOUR story! Whether you suffered from abuse, mental illness or a physical illness, etc. Whatever your journey is or has been, it matters. Your beautiful voice and soul matters. You matter.

Can you share your stories with me!

Absolutely. You can always contact me. Even if you don’t want to share publicly, you can always contact me and I’ll hear you and see you.

I just wanted to share more about what my blog purpose is!
Katie Butterfly