About Katie Butterfly


I’m in my early 30’s. I’m married in the eyes of God to my soul mate. We love our beautiful black and white kitties – Bunny and Trouble.

I love my job at the library.

I love music, books and just life experience!

I’m a survivor of sexual abuse and have struggled with many mental health issues. I’m an advocate and a voice for those who have not yet founds theirs! I am also in the process of growing my wings and becoming a beautiful butterfly – Katie Butterfly.

I love coffee, Binge watching TV shows, taking selfies and just being a social butterfly.

I love to read a good book . YA books are my favorite. Especially Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I love books that I can relate to.

Some of my favorite TV shows are Law and Order: SVU, Reba, Desperate Housewives, The Fosters, Monk.

I love to write. Mostly blogging. I used to write poetry all the time, but since I’ve been medicated I lost the gift. Pros and cons of being in recovery.



  1. I love your name, Katie Butterfly! Nice to meet you! My blog is on anxiety/mental health. Both my daughter and I used to suffer panic attacks, now we’re nearly panic free. I look forward to your posts. Have a great weekend, Jenny


  2. Katie, Thank you SO much for adding my information to “share your story” on your blog!! That is amazing if you!! I can also send you the posts so you can keep them on your site too, so people who do not follow me, but follow you can see them. Also, if you want to do that, you can share my story as well! You are amazing and STRONG!!

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      1. Well, when I looked at your page about”share your story ”

        I was thinking that it was awesome that you were doing that. But when I clicked on it….oh my god….wait a minute. …..am an idiot! Haha. ….all my information was in there (duahhh, that is because I am logging in ) I looked at it too quickly and thought that you provided that….Oh my goodness, my mind is not ok these day’s.
        How did you get those boxes? I want to do that for my section?

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