The Day I Thought My Heart Would Break

April 22, 2015 started out like any other. Jeff and I had just recently  found out we had gotten our first apartment. My mom-in-law and I were giddy and hanging out in our new but still empty apartment, talking excitedly about our bright future. My phone went off. I had a text message from my … Continue reading The Day I Thought My Heart Would Break

“If Things Don’t Get Better, I Don’t Want To Be Around.”

"If things don't get better I don't want to be around." I've heard these words a lot in my life. They are also words I've said and felt myself. That was before I knew there was sun after the storm. That the darkness doesn't last forever. In the times of my great distress I didn't … Continue reading “If Things Don’t Get Better, I Don’t Want To Be Around.”

Speak Out: Katrina’s Story

*Trigger Warning* "Growing up in a rural area, all of my friends were at least a mile away from me. There were no neighbors. I went to school forty minutes from home until high school, and then it was still twenty minutes to school. I share this because I consider the isolation to have been … Continue reading Speak Out: Katrina’s Story

Things I Realized After My Last Suicide Attempt

I recently found this. I wrote it after my last suicide attempt, which was almost 7 years ago now. I'm glad I found it. There are a lot of positive things I'd forgotten about. It was a horrible time but taught me so much. Things I just didn't "get" or understand until that point, and even since … Continue reading Things I Realized After My Last Suicide Attempt

Victim, Survivor, Thriver – My Letter From Susie McEntire

Last year  I sent an e-mail to Susie McEntire (Yes, Reba's sister) telling her my story, and she responded. At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to share it as it's very personal, but then I thought it could help others too. Her words are in bold. Katie, thank you for sharing your blog. See comments below:  … Continue reading Victim, Survivor, Thriver – My Letter From Susie McEntire

Love Letter to Myself

Dear Katie Butterfly, You are such an incredibly person. So kind and brave. You have been through a lot but you haven't let that stop you from fighting and keep moving forward. 10 years ago you were barely surviving high school. You were depressed and suicidal all the time. But some how you still decided … Continue reading Love Letter to Myself

How Not to Treat a Survivor

Whether we mean to or not, sometimes what we think is going to be helpful, is sometimes, well not. This is not meant to offend anyone, but a look into how helpfulness can be perceived by survivors. "I don't want people walking on eggshells around me or treat me like I'm so fragile that I'll … Continue reading How Not to Treat a Survivor

To Forgive is to Move Forward

"You can't stop what's done to you, you can only survive it." And somewhere in the process we must forgive in order to truly move forward. That is what I am trying to do. God is helping me and my friends. The first helpful thing was being heard, validated. "I know that you were raped. … Continue reading To Forgive is to Move Forward

Speak Out: Jenn’s Story

"The youngest memory I have of my life is when my Grandmother and her husband was getting a divorce and he came after her with a shovel threatening to kill her, I was three years old. At such a young age, I kind of had an idea how some men were; my biological father seem … Continue reading Speak Out: Jenn’s Story

Things That Excite Me

My friend is always radiating her energy and it rubs off on me ever so positively so I am going to make a blog about things that excite me and I encourage you to do it as well. SVU being renewed for another season. I'll admit the past few seasons, I haven't really watched it … Continue reading Things That Excite Me

Speak Out: BrokenButTrying’s Story

*********Trigger Warning*********** "Here goes nothing... My Dad was very abusive to my mom and always raised his hand to her in front of me and my brother... They always fought and argued I stopped him from choking my mom one day by running out the door and barely got away from him when he came … Continue reading Speak Out: BrokenButTrying’s Story

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