The Day I Thought My Heart Would Break

April 22, 2015 started out like any other. Jeff and I had just recently  found out we had gotten our first apartment. My mom-in-law and I were giddy and hanging out in our new but still empty apartment, talking excitedly about our bright future. My phone went off. I had a text message from my […]

Things I Realized After My Last Suicide Attempt

I recently found this. I wrote it after my last suicide attempt, which was almost 7 years ago now. I’m glad I found it. There are a lot of positive things I’d forgotten about. It was a horrible time but taught me so much. Things I just didn’t “get” or understand until that point, and even since […]

Victim, Survivor, Thriver – My Letter From Susie McEntire

Last year  I sent an e-mail to Susie McEntire (Yes, Reba’s sister) telling her my story, and she responded. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it as it’s very personal, but then I thought it could help others too. Her words are in bold. Katie, thank you for sharing your blog. See comments below:  […]