Speak Out: Meghan’s Story

****trigger warning**** "A bit about me first. I was adopted as a toddler to a farming family. Childhood was okay, can't complain about any mistreatment. As a teen, I began rebelling like most teens do. Skipping school, partying, smoking, drugs, hitch hiking, and drinking a lot. It was a really high risk lifestyle. I ended … Continue reading Speak Out: Meghan’s Story

Speak Out: Tara’s Story

"Here is my story of how I grew up in a home that was surrounded by domestic violence.Growing up was crazy for me. My parents always argued. Before I was born my mother and real father used to fight always according to what my mother told me and what my sister and brother witnessed. But … Continue reading Speak Out: Tara’s Story

The Old is Gone, The New Is Here

I wrote this a few months ago and I'm glad I came acrossed it again. I need to revisit this and pray about all this again... If my friend who prayed with me before is reading this, I'd love it and appreciate it if we can revisit that prayer. I do miss our healing prayers … Continue reading The Old is Gone, The New Is Here

Speak Out: Rose’s Story

Thank you Rose for sharing your story with us. You are incredible. And yes, you ARE a thriver! Since Rose wrote this, she has married her fiancé and they are expecting a baby boy anytime now (if he hasn't come already!) I just love success stories!!! ******************************************** "I had a pretty good childhood, but just … Continue reading Speak Out: Rose’s Story

Healing Comes in Waves

"Healing comes in waves And maybe today The wave hits the rocks But, that's ok That's ok, darling You are still healing You are still healing." -Ljeoma Umebinyuohea I saw this on my Facebook feed and thought it would make a great blog post. Healing truly does come in many different waves. Even when we … Continue reading Healing Comes in Waves

Victim to Conquerer’s Story

Thank you for letting me share your story on my blog here. Original post can be found here. You should definitely check out the rest of her blog, I find it so inspiring and empowering.... **************************************************** Warning this story does contain some graphic details. Please only read if you are safe to do so*** I … Continue reading Victim to Conquerer’s Story

Speak Out: Ashley’s Story

"Hello, my name is Ashley and I am 19 years old. I am writing to you all today to tell my story, thanks to the wonderful creator of this page. Who happens to be my best friend 🙂 My mom has always been verbally abusive. As I was growing up I struggled with learning how to … Continue reading Speak Out: Ashley’s Story

Everyone Has a Story

Everyone has a story. A battle they are fighting. Things that happened to them to make them a certain way. Unhealthy habits they form to deal with things. Everyone has a story, and that's okay. What's not okay, is to judge people because there story isn't yours. Their battle isn't the same as yours. Their … Continue reading Everyone Has a Story

Speak Out: Jessica’s Story

"When Katie asked me to share my story on her blog I was elated. I had shared parts of my story a few months prior on my own blog (girlwithamission.org) so I was ready to jump right in and share even more of myself with you. I had a pretty normal childhood. I grew up … Continue reading Speak Out: Jessica’s Story

Speak Out: Stephanie’s Story

"When I was in my mid-teens, I was sexually assaulted. When I was in my mid-teens, I was taught my sole purpose on this earth was to be of service to men, to be a sexual object, not a human being. After being assaulted, everything I thought I knew about myself crumbled. I became an … Continue reading Speak Out: Stephanie’s Story

Speak Out: AJ’s Story

"It all started when I was in high school. I went to a very large high school and with me never being a very out-going person, I felt pressured to belong to a clique or to stand out in some way.I did well in school but was never very popular. Lots of girls end up … Continue reading Speak Out: AJ’s Story

Woman Crush Wednesday – Loving Myself Since 1988

    I thought today would be a great day to do a quick blog on loving myself. So, I'm going to list some things I love about myself. My smile. My outgoing personality. My work ethnic. My love of life. How I care about others. My love of books. I left it at 6, because … Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday – Loving Myself Since 1988

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